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Just like a river can be dammed up, so the flow of spiritual and emotional life in us can get blocked by an accumulation of debris. Some of the blockages can become barriers between between us and God. How are your emotions?



Characterized by over-engagement.

Characterized by disengagement.

Emotions are overreactive.

Emotions are blunted.

Produces urgency and hyperactivity.

Produces helplessness and hopelessness.

Loss of energy.

Loss of motivation, ideals, and hope.

Leads to anxiety disorders, panic

Leads to detachment and depression.

Primary damage is physical.

Primary damage is emotional.

May kill you prematurely.

Exhaustion affects physical energy

Produces disintegration

May make life seem not worth living

Exhaustion affects motivation and drive

Produces demoralisation

  • A flowing river is often the picture used in Scripture for the life of God in us – eg John7; Ezekiel 47; Revelation 22.
  • The two men on the Emmaus Road -grief-stricken; dreams shattered; total despair; traumatised by loss; doubting  God – how could God let this happen?
  • Jesus met them and was able to restore them. 4 types of experiences can pile up the emotional and spiritual debris in the river of life
  • Habits – sinful habits that have got a hold upon us and caused deep damage
  • Hurts – the wounds inflicted by others and the anger and hurt they cause
  • Hardships – sufferings we experience - losses, heartbreaks, disappointments, illness, loneliness, failure, leading to apathy, cynicism, burnout, despair.
  • Happenings – things we have experienced that simply do not make sense and cause us to ask where is God. Memories that are buried alive within us.
  • Jesus came to them – he was already aware of the situation and came in love to restore. He is looking after us and will take the initiative.
  • Togetherness – we generally need other people for restoration – a loving presence. James 5:16 Resist the temptation to withdraw from relationships.
  • Tears – the two men may well have shed tears as they talked – we must learn to express our sorrow, to let it out, as we see in the words of the Psalms.
  • Jesus listened to them and asked them questions
  • Talking – being listened to deeply and trying to put our feelings and thoughts into words is part of healing. Being understood is of immense importance.
  • Time – Jesus probably spent at least 3 hours with them – healing may take time
  • Jesus instructed and enlightened them from the Scriptures – he brought truth to bear on their situation; they saw their experience in a new light.
  • TruthYou will know the truth and the truth will set you free (John 8:32). We will need the truth of being honest with ourselves; the truth of wise counsel from a friend; the truth that shines from God’s Word that gives a new perspective.
  • Jesus revealed himself as risen from the dead – when he broke the bread
  • God’s touch – God’s touch in our lives is part of help, healing and restoration – it may take the form of human love and support, or it may be a manifestation to us inwardly and personally of the mighty love of God for us.
  • The river began to flow again for these two disciples – with energy and joy they rushed back to Jerusalem to tell the disciples Jesus was alive .
  • Jesus brought these two men, and brings us into a new world – a new world created by his resurrection, his victory over death, the beginning of God’s new creation. Life is no longer limited by and restricted by past experiences and events – hope replaces despair.  The only limits in life are what God is able to do and what he wants to do in you – everything God wants for you  is possible.
  • Today – the time to address the issues is today! Let Jesus deal with your past and its effect on you – let him restore you and lead you into God’s future for you of wholeness and the full realisation of your potential in Him.



We gather together to express our praise of God, to encourage our partners in the faith

and to exercise our priesthood in prayer

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